my innerglow ed.



my innerglow ed. creates spaces for young people to explore their minds and hearts, while forming confidence and healthy connections with others.


We provide young people with the tools and safe environment to practice healthy self-expression, while learning transformative mindfulness techniques. Our intention is to help participants live more productive and peaceful lives.



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Accessible and Relatable

Our curriculum motivates children and adults to practice mindfulness and compassion principles while learning, working, and during other parts of their lives.



We have the option for a collaborative and inclusive partnership that results in excellent professional development for teachers and staff.


Integrates Science

We illustrate the science that shows how our programs can work to reduce students stress and anxiety, while boosting their creativity and focus.



We customize programs to best support the needs of the students we're working with.




In the Classroom

We custom build each program to support the needs of the school or program we're working with. In addition to classes, my innerglow ed. offers curriculum development support.


After School Program

A fun and engaging program that allows students to develop mindfulness techniques, self expression, and social emotional skills through art, writing, and creativity.

Professional Development

Transformative training that shows teachers how to use mindfulness to support their personal lives, as well as the teaching and learning happening in their classroom.